Make a perfect family video for Summer ! (Hong Kong)

HK MARKETNewsMake a perfect family video for Summer ! (Hong Kong)
5 June 2015 Posted by HK MARKET News No Comments

Learn how to make great videos for holidays with your camcorder !

This workshop is designed for people who wants to make the best use of a camcorder and master the basics of editing on a computer and produce quality videos to promote your business or for leisure.

Location: Causeway Bay, Times Square

Session : each month

Video recording with a camcorder : 09:30 – 12:30

  • How to use a camcorder (specifications, various plan) (1h00)
  • Practical exercise: video report in Times Square (1h00)
  • Briefing about your shooting (1h00)

Video editing with a computer : 14:00 – 18:00

  • Presentation of the editing software (Windows / Mac) (1h00)
  • Import and edit your videos on the timeline (1h00)
  • Export and broadcast your master (1h00)


E_MThe trainer
Edouard Maire started his career in journalism in 2000 for magazines specializing in digital video. In 2006, he founded the audiovisual department of the site for three years. In 2012, he moved to Hong Kong to create his new video production company while working with site

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