ASAD : a LCD screen for advertising display

HK MARKETNewsASAD : a LCD screen for advertising display

ASAD : a LCD screen for advertising display

8 April 2016 Posted by HK MARKET News No Comments

HK MARKET launches a new video product for advertising display : the ASAD (Android System Advertising Display). The ASAD is a PhotoFrame which runs with Android system and WiFi chipset to broadcast and update your advertising (video, photo, text) from a computer to the worldwide.

The ASAD can be used for the lobbies, airports, travel agencies and shelves of stores. It is available in 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 inches LCD with black or white colors and ABS material. The ASAD has also a USB port and a card slot to upload video files from a SD card or a USB key.

We can install a software during the manufacturing to design and publish your advert. The unit price starts from $58.00 with the ASAD 7″ LCD for 100 pieces.

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