Make your own video brochure with our electronic kit

HK MARKETNewsMake your own video brochure with our electronic kit
5 January 2015 Posted by HK MARKET News No Comments

The video brochure is a product launched in 2013 and made in China. A lot of companies use it to promote their activities or for an event. Easy, simple and reliable, the video brochure is mainly sold by the communication agencies and the printers. But some of them wish to make their own video brochure without to buy a final product from china. That’s why HK Market launches now the electronic kit A4 Landscape !

Our kit includes :

  • 7 inch screen (800×480),
  • Memory (512 MB),
  • Battery (1000 mAh),
  • USB socket
  • 7 buttons (4 to play videos, 1 Power, 2 volume up/down).

All these components are assembled in a white paper 200g. The printer inserts the kit inside the brochure. That’s all !

Would you like to buy it ? See here

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