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  • ASAD MT7

    This tablet has a 7 inches LCD screen and runs with Google Android Lolipop to display advertising with an app as SignagePlayer. You can put the tablet on a shelf in a store or in a lobby of hotel. A stand up support can be included.

  • Smart watch KU8

    The smart watch KU8 allow to connect your mobile phone by Bluetooth connexion to control dial calls, music player, pedometer, phone book and view SMS.

  • Watch phone K06

    The K06 is a kids watch including a SIM card linked to three family phone number buttons. You register the 3 numbers in a mobile application (Apple iOS and Google Android) and your child can phone you pressing one of the SOS emergency button. The K06 has also a GPS/LBS Location with a tracking recording all the journey. (the monitor of your smartphone displays the watch location at anytime). There is a call Filter Setting with 15 white lists (only them can dial to the watch). A geographic fence allows to send message to preset family phone number when the children wear the watch beyond the set. The K06 is water resistant and support 6 hours standby. It can be charged by USB with a wireless station.