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  • V-book multipages

    The V-book multipages is a A4 video brochure including from 3 to 10 pages (6 to 20 printed faces) with a HD-LCD screen (1024x600 pixels) and IPS technology (high quality display). You can control the volume and the videos with 3 buttons and upload more videos using the USB cable.

  • V-pocket

    With the same size of a DVD (12.7 x 12.7 cm), the V-pocket is a new sales and marketing tool for new product launches. You open it, and the video plays automatically, you close the card and the video stop. So easy ! The design is customized with the template provided by the customer and the offset printing is made on paper with matte or glossy lamination. The V-pocket has a LCD display 4.3 inch which can play videos uploaded by USB port on the internal memory (256 MB). The battery run 2 hours and is rechargeable by USB cable. You can also add 2 business cards inside the cover.

  • V-store 7

    V-store is a monitor 7 inches to display video advertising.You turn on and play video file when battery is inserted. Video length can't be more than 75 seconds. The motion sensor detect peoples front of the screen (range-2 meters) and play the videos, if no one in effect range, it will stay in power off. When you insert USB, the video files are uploaded on the V-store and play automatically. Button control volume ins included with removable battery. The autonomy is 30 days (15 sec video play 200 times/day).