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  • Camera CA-534

    The CA-534 is an Analog High Definition camera in 1280 x 720 pixels with a sensor CMOS 1/3 inch of 1 megapixels. The casing is waterproof IP66 that allows the camera to be used outdoor (-30°C ∼ +60°C). The camera includes 24 Infra-Red LEDs with 20 meters of distance range and a output HDCVI. The video flow can also be transmitted over 500 meters via a 75-3 coaxial cable BNC.

  • V-book A6

    The V-book is a A6 brochure to play a corporate video, an advert or for a wedding. It integrates a LCD screen 4.3 inch with a memory of 128 MB and printed pages. You can play several videos (MP4, AVI) and photos (JPEG, PNG) with buttons. You open the brochure to start the video and you close it to stop. So easy ! The USB port allows to copy the files on the memory and to charge the battery (2 hours). The V-book A6 is available in “Landscape” or “Portrait” format.

  • V-stand

    The V-stand is an acrylic display that includes a 7-inch LCD screen with an internal memory of 1 GB and a battery (2 hours). It displays videos and/or pictures to present an activity or to promote a product. This is a great marketing tool for a storefront or booth at a trade show.