42 inches (93 x 52.3 cm)

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  • ASAD-42

    DAD with shelves

    This product can include a big screen (LG brand) 42", 55", 65" (1080P) or 84" (4K/UHD) to display advertising in a lobby, a store or a booth on a fair. The screen in on the face and the shelves on the back to put brochures and catalogs. This screen has also a WiFi network to update the visual content with a storage of 500GB (hard disk drive). A great tool to promote your company during an event.

  • DAD-42

    Digital Advert Display

    Mounted in a floor stand, the Digital Advertising Display (DAD) is a vertical LCD screen (HD-1080p) from 42 to 65 inch. It is perfect solution for brands and retailers who wish to advertise their marketing messages across the retail environment (hotel's lobby, stores). Integrated with a media player, the LCD screen can run a variety of images and videos to reinforce marketing messages. The LCD advertising display's hardware has been designed for Industrial and commercial retail use. It is a perfect LCD digital signage solution.