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  • Solar lamp BST6

    The BST6 has 4-7 high bright LED and 1 Red charging LED indicator. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor lighting, including cooking, reading, camping and emergency lighting. You need 5-6 hours to be fully charged under the bright sunlight. The BST6 is rainproof and durable. Perfect for the hiking, camping, emergency, or studying etc. No need battery any more. The BST6 pays for itself in 15 days to 2 months by eliminating the need for expensive candles or kerosene.

  • V-binder

    The V-binder allows you to look at photos and watch videos in a binder 4 rings adding with your own pages. Open the cover and the video starts, close the book and video stops. If you don’t want to use the video part, you can just turn it off. The standard model has two double-sided pages sort of like an advertising brochure, with a 10-inch LCD display on one of the back cover. You charge the battery by USB socket. The target market is corporates, advertisers and retailers that want to promote their brand and products, and up-market PR agencies. The V-binder integrates a LCD screen 25,4 cm and a storage of 2 GB to play until 4 videos (4 buttons for play each sequence, 2 buttons for volume up / down). You can also play photos and audio files. The battery allows 1,5 – 2 hours.