Video brochure

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  • V-sensor-1


    The V-sensor is a A4/A5 video brochure including a LCD screen 4.3/5 inch and sensors to play a video per page. Then you can upload until 6 videos by the USB port and turn the pages. The battery allows 2.5 hours running time and need 2 hours to be charged by USB socket.

  • V-shelf

    V-shelf 4.3″

    The V-shelf is a set of 3 LCD screens (4.3") with a motion sensor. This product can be mounted on shelves in a store to promote the items with video. You can display 1 to 3 videos with auto looping when people stand front of the screens. The V-shelf is packaged in paper 350g with customized printing (logo + color). The storage is 128 MB with USB port to upload the videos, charge the battery lithium and for the power supply (USB adapter and cable are included).

  • V-stand 3


    The V-stand is an acrylic display that includes a 7-inch LCD screen with an internal memory of 1 GB and a battery (2 hours). It displays videos and/or pictures to present an activity or to promote a product. This is a great marketing tool for a storefront or booth at a trade show.